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Born in 1979 Self-taught in photography. Graduated in theoretical physics at Saratov State University. Сreative pursuits led me between theatre, cinema, design and television. but the photography was and remains to date favorite art activity. Now I working as photojournalist in local news and as event photographer. My favorite genres is abstract photography and photography of people, all of kind – street, portrait and others. Don’t seeing the difference between any technics of photography, I use the digital camera, because it makes me free and lets to look for result more quickly way then analog cameras. Mobilography, the silent and smart way for getting pictures without interfering the objects interested me in travel, or events, on the streets and any other circumstanses. I regularly take part in local exhibitions.


“A-letter children”, (documentary project about autist children’s life) jointly with the fund “Ocean”, 2013
“Research through photography”, solo exhibition, 2013.
Volga’s region contemporary art festival – 5 photos, “The Cage” (from “Research through photography” series) photo was awarded by 1-st prize.

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