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Artem Korenuk was born in Saratov (The Russian Federation) in 1979. He graduated Chernyshevsky Saratov State University (SSU) with a degree in physics in 2001. Artem has been taken photographs in such genres as abstract photography, minimalism, mobilography since 1995. He experiments with ideas of interactions and combinations between different kinds of objects, meanings, sences, matters, elements. His favorite techniques are long exposure while photographing dynamics of objects and moving the camera to create expressive whimsical abstract forms and color transitions. For the first influencing and inspiring authors, he particullary distinguishes Martin Parr, Georgui Pinkhassov, William Egglston.
Besides art photography Artem has been working as a photojournalist and a cameraman for the media at both local and federal agencies since 2003.
Artem has participanted in more than 10 exhibitions. Most noticable are “Explorations through photography”, solo project in art space “Kofe i shokolad” (Saratov, Russia, 2013); “The “A” Children” , solo exhibition curated by “Ocean” fund in art space “Atrium” (Saratov, Russia, 2013); “M2”, group project initiated by Creative Union of Artists of Russia (displayed in Saratov, Moscow, Kazan during 2015-2016); “Against stream”, by Creative Union of Artists of Russia (Moscow – Saratov – Tolliaitti, 2016); “Open space” (Saratov, 2013)
In 2014 Mr. Korenuk was honored with the Grand-prix of 1st Contemporary Art Festival of Volga area for “The Cage” photograph from series called “Exploration through photography”. He has been a Member of Creative Unite of Artists of Russia since 2015. His artworks belong to private collections of photography in Russia, The USA, India, Bulgaria.
Artem currently lives and works in Saratov (Russia).
According to The art of Artem Korenuk transmits a sense of joy and wonder at the experience of beauty, seeking out its essence in material objects. Ranging across photographic genres, he uses varied styles in order to discover people and places. His works are a starting point for an experience which is completed in the imagination of the viewer.


Selected publications:


Shape + Shape, Elena Slukhaeva. Introduction to catalogue of project “М2», Saratov, 2015


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tel.: +7(903)475-35-55

Artem Korenuk

1979 born in Saratov, Russia

Lives and works in Saratov | | +7(903)475-35-55

Artem Korenuk is emerging artist, works with photographic images. Fan of mobilography. His favorite themes is abstract patterns, graphics, dynamics and minimalism.

Solo exhibitions


Artem Korenuk, Research through photography, Saratov, Russia

Artem Korenuk, A-letter children, Saratov, Russia

Group exhibitions


Back home from heaven, IFA (Russia) Saratov branch, Saratov, Russia

Against the stream/Red gate – 2016, IFA (Russia); Saratov; Ufa, Kazan, Moscow, Tolyatti; Russia

M2, IFA Saratov branch, Kazan, Russia

Life of objects,, Moscow, Russia


M2, IFA(Russia) Saratov branch; Saratov, Moscow; Russia


Volga’s region contemporary art festival, Department of Culture, Saratov, Russia


Uniform space – 13, IFA(Russia) Saratov branch, Saratov, Russia

115th anniversary of Saratov photographic society, RUAP, Saratov, Russia


Luxury pleasure, Alexander Drozdin, Saratov, Russia

Curatorial projects


Album of pocket impressions, Artem Korenuk, Saratov, Russia


International Federation of Artists (Russia) since 2015



Grand prix of Volga’s region contemporary art festival, Department of Culture, Saratov, Russia.


Artworks are in private collections in Russia, India, Bulgaria, and United States.

Current representation

SaatchiArt Online gallery

Artfinder Online Gallery

Photovogue (


Form+Form, Elena Slukhaeva. Introduction to catalogue of project “М2», Saratov, 2015


Best of PhotoVogue, “Windy day”

India I’ve seen, SHOT! Magazine #30, (2016)

Photograpfic exhibition “Back home from heaven” in Saratov, The Russian academy of arts, 2016

4th interregional academic “Against the stream/Red gate – 2016” exhibition ends, The Russian academy of arts, 2016

4th interregional academic “Against the stream/Red gate – 2016” exhibition in Saratov, The Russian academy of arts, 2016

“Square meter” project, State Museum of fine arts in Tatarstan, text from exhibition catalogue introductory article by Elena Sluhaeva (2016)

Photo report by Artem Korenuk

Club project “Square meter”, Volga region branch by Academy of Fine Arts (Russia), 2015

Exhibition of mobile touristic photography “Album of pocket impressions”, (2015)

Rostelelkom is supported exhibition “Album of pocket impressions”,, (2015)

“Album of pocket impressions” exhibition announcement, Rostelecom-Saratov, Rostelecom-Saratov (2015)

Photography exhibition by Artem Korenuk was opened in Saratov cafe,, (2013)

Exhibition “Research through photography”, Shatskaya, (2013)

Citizens of Saratov are invited to photographic exhibition “Children with A-letter” (2013),,

Photographic exhibition “Children with A-letter” will be moved to anti-cafe, Free-News Volga (2013)

Seeking the contact, Inna Stromilva, Pravoslavie i sovremennost (2013)

Children with specific edge of reality at focus of attention, (2013)


“Back home from heaven”, short film by Sergei Karmeev (2016)

“Church of Archangel Mikhail at village Lokh” by Artem Korenuk (2017) — director, camera, edition

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